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About Department of BusinessEconomics

School of Business Economics

Established in 1979.

Dr. (Smt.) Deepa Shrivastava

(Head of The department of Business Economics)



  • Dr. N. P. Pathak

  • Dr. Smt. Deepa Shrivastava   

  • Dr. Rajiv Dube

Courses Offered

Business Economics, Business Environment and Business Policy, Theory and Practice of Statistics, Economic Growth Planning and Project Evaluation, Financial Management, Public Finance, Income Tax Law and Practice, Industrial Economics, Labour Economics, Industrial Psychology, Personnel Management and Industrial Relations, Marketing management and Research, Operation Research, Quantitative Techniques and Computer Applications, and International Economics.

Excellence Shown By Students


So far, more than 25 students have been employed as Lecturers in P.G. Colleges, Degree Colleges, and Higher Secondary School.    




The Deptt. runs Ph. D. programme. The information regarding Ph.D. recipients teacher wise is as given below :

  • Dr. N. P. Pathak :     13

  • Dr. Smt. Deepa Shrivastava : 07

  • Dr. Rajiv Dube          : 07

Visits/engagements of Faculty Members in India/ Abroad.