Student Consultative Committee
54.  (1)   There shall be State-level Student Consultative Committee consisting of the
                following members, namely :
                 (i)  Three student representatives from each University elected by the student members of the court of that University from amongst themselves, one each from student members under items (xxi), (xxii) and (xxiii)
                     of section 20;  Provided that if the student representative under this item do not include :
                     (a) a student from the medical colleges in the State; or
                     (b) a student from the Engineering Colleges in the State, a student each representing Medical College and Engineering Colleges in the State shall be nominated by the State Government;
  Provided further that if the student representatives include less than twgirl
   students, the State Government shall nominate such number of girl students as to make their number two.
               (ii) two Kulapatis of Universities by rotation in the order in which the Universities are named in the Second
                    Schedule, nominated by the State Government.
               (iii) two Registrars of Universities by rotation in the reverse order to that referred to in item (ii) nominated by
                     the State Government;
               (iv) two Deans of students welfare or such other two officers as are in-charge of students welfare in the
                     Universties nominated by the State Government;
            *(v)  an officer of the Higher Education Department not below the rank of Deputy Secretary to Government
                      nominated by the State Government.

    Explanation: For the purpose of this sub-section “student” shall have the meaning assigned thereto in section 20.
    (2)  The member nominated under item (v) of sub-section (i) shall be convener.
    (3)  The Committee shall elect its own Chairman for every meeting from amongst the member present.
    (4)  The term of the committee shall be one year and the term of office of members of the committee shall be
           co-terminus with the term of the committee.
    (5) The Committee shall have the powers to discuss and make recommendation on:
         (a) the approach to Higher Education in Universities;
         (b) academic programmes of general significance;
         (c) organisation and programming of teaching work and examinations;
         (d) extra-curricular and co-curricular activities in Colleges and Universities including organisation of Inter
              University competitions and tournaments and youth festivals;                  
         (e) students welfare activities in Universities including Health Services;
         (f) work experience programmes for students;
         (g) organisation of social service by students;
         (h) residence and discipline of students;
         (i) any other matter of interest to students in general;
    (6) The committee may :
         (a) lay down a code of conduct for students;
         (b) recommend steps for the promotion of teacher-student relationship;
         (c) suggest agencies and steps for resolving differences between students and the administration in  education
    (7) The Committee may communicate its views on matters included in sub-section (5) and (6) to any or
        all Universities, as the need be for consideration.s

*The M P Vishwavidyalaya(Sansodhan)Adhiniyam,1994 (No. 19 of 1994)