Conditions of service

59.  (1)Every salaried officer and teacher of the University paid by the University shall be appointed under a written
             contract which shall be lodged with the University and a copy thereof furnished to the officer or teacher
*The M P Vishwavidyalaya(Sansodhan)Adhiniyam,1994 (No. 19 of 1994)

* “(2) Any dispute regarding service matters arising out of contract or otherwise between a University and any of
           its salaried employees shall be adjudicated upon by the Vice-Chancellor and an appeal against the
           Vice-Chancellor’s decision shall lie to the Kuladhipati, who shall decide the dispute himself or refer it to a
           Tribunal constituted for the purpose consisting of the following members, namely:
           (i) a Senior Vice-Chancellor of any of the University;
           (ii) a Senior Secretary to the State Government, and
           (iii) a Senior Principal of the Post-graduate college of the State”
 *(3)  Omitted