Term of office of members of authority of University

64.(1) Wherever in accordance with this Act, any person is to hold an office or to be a member of any authority by
            rotation according to senio- rity such seniority in the absence of any provisions to the contrary in the Act,
            shall be determined in accordance with the Statutes:

                                 Provided that till the Statutes are made the seniority in a particular cadre shall be determined
  by the length of continuous service in such a cadre and where the length of continuous service of two or more
  persons in the same cadre is the same, then “Seniority” shall be determined by seniority in age.

    (2) Wherever any person becomes a member of any authority by virtue of the post or office held by him or by
          virtue of possessing a specified qualification, he shall forthwith cease to be a member of such authority if
          he ceases to hold such post or office or if he ceases to possess such qualification; before the expiry of the
          term of his membership.
*The M P Vishwavidyalaya(Sansodhan)Adhiniyam,1980 (No. 09 of 1980)

                       Provided that he shall not be deemed to have ceased to hold his post or office merely by reason of his
  proceeding on,leave for period not exceeding four months.