Disqualifications for being member of authority

66.  (1)   A person shall be disqualified for being chosen as, and for being a member of any of the authorities of the
               (a) If he is of unsound mind;
               (b) If he is deaf, mute or suffering from any contagious disease;
               (c) If he is an undischarged insolvent;
               (d) If he has been convicted by a Court of Law of an offence involving moral turpitude and sentenced in
                    respect thereof to imprisonment for not less than six months.

      (2)    If any question arises as to whether a person is or has been subject to any of the disqualifications mentioned
               in sub-section (1) the question shall be referred for the decision of the Kuladhipati and his decisions thereon
              shall be final and no suit or other proceeding shall lie in any court of law against such decision.