Constitution of Court

(20)  (1) The Court shall consist of the following persons namely:


         (i)  the Kuladhipati;
         (ii) the Kulapati;
              *(ii-a)   the Rector;
        (iii) the Deans of Faculties;
              **(iii-a)  Dean Students Welfare;
                  (iii-b) Dean or Director as the case may be of the College Development Council;
    **(iv) the Secretary to Government of Madhya Pradesh, Higher Education Department or his nominee not below
               the rank of Deputy Secretary;
     **(v) the Commissioner Higher Education, Madhya Pradesh;
         (vi) the Director of Public Instructions, Madhya Pradesh;
         (vii) the Director of Technical Education, Madhya Pradesh;
         (viii)The Chairman of the Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education;
        (ix)  the Mayor of the Municipal Corporation or the President of the Municipal Council as the case may be, at the                    headquarters of the University.  


       *(x) four Principals of affiliated colleges of the University amongst whom, there shall be atleast one Lady Principal,
               to be elected from amongst themselves in the manner prescribed by the Statues;
      *(xi) three professors from the University Teaching Departments, elected from amongst themselves, in the manner
                prescribed by the Statutes;
      *(xii) two professors from the affiliated colleges to be elected from amongst themselves, in the manner prescribed
                 by the Statutes;
     **(xiii) two persons from amongst the Readers or Lecturers of the University Teaching Department and 3 persons
                  from amongst Assistant Professors of Affiliated colleges to be eleced from amongst themselves in the manner
                  prescribed by the Statutes.”
       *(xiv) omitted
        *(xv) omitted

* The M P Vishwavidyalaya(Sansodhan)Adhiniyam,1991(No. 23 of 1991)
** The M P Vishwavidyalaya(Sansodhan)Adhiniyam,1994(No. 19 of 1994)


        (xvi) not more than two persons representing “Learned Professions”. To be nominated by the Kuladhipati, in
                 the Manner prescribed by the Statutes.
       (xvii) not more than four persons representing industry, agriculture, labour and commerce to be nominated by
                the Kuladhipati;
      (xviii) eight members of the State Legislative Assembly to be selected by the State Legislative Assembly. (xix)
                 five representatives to be elected by the registered graduates of the University from amongst themselves;
         (xx) every donor donating one lakh Rupees or more to the University;
      (xx-a) one representative from the salaried non-teaching employees of the University elected from amongst
                 themselves as prescribed by the Statutes; and


      “(xxi) three students elected by the student members of the Boards of Studies from amongst themselves;
       (xxii) two students to be elected from amongst themselves by students who in the academic session immediately
                 preceeding the election have been members of teams of the Univesity participating in the University
      (xxiii) two students to be elected from amongst its members by an electoral college consisting of students who
                 are for the time being President of Students Union in the colleges and in the Univesity Teaching


     (xxiv) such members of the Executive Council who are not members under any of the foregoing items:


        (iv) for purpose of Group D, student shall mean a person who:
              (a) is receiving instructions or carrying on research in any of the colleges or University Teaching Department
                   or Schools of Studies or any other institution of the University under terms and conditions laid down in the
                   Ordinance; and
              (b) has passed his Higher Secondary Examination not earlier than seven years and his Intermediate
                   Examination, not earlier than six years before the opening date of the acadmic session in which he seeks

                                 *"Provided that where, during the period of operation of roclamation of Emergency made by the
President on the 25th June, 1975 under clause (1) of Article 352 of the Constitution of India any student has to
discontinue his studies because of his detention under the Maintenance of Internal Security Act, 1971 (no. 26 or 1971),
or arrest or imprisonment under the Defence and Internal Security of India Act, 1971 (no. 42 of 1971) or the Defence
and Internal Security of India Rules, 1971 or under section 107 or section 117 or section 151 of the code of Criminal
Procedure, 1973 (no. 2 of 1974) and the periods specified in this sub-paragraph had expired in relation to such
student during such detention arrest or imprisonment prior to the commencement of the academic year 1977-78, the
provisions of this sub-paragraph shall have effect in relation to such student as if for the words “seven years” and”six
years”, the words “nine years” and “eight years” were respectively substituted”.

             (c) the mode of election under items xix, xxi, xxii and xxiii shall be such as may be prescribed by the Statutes:

* The M P Vishwavidyalaya(Sansodhan)Adhiniyam,1991(No. 23 of 1991)

             (2) The term of office of members elected under Group-D of sub-section (1) shall be one year.
             (3) The term of office of members nominated or elected, as the case may be, under Group-B and
                   Group-C or included in Group-E of sub-section (1) shall be coterminus with the term of the Court which
                   shall be three years.
             (4)  Every donor specified in item (xx) of sub-section (1) shall be a member of the court during his life time;

                                    Provided that where such donor is an undividied Hindu Family, trust, firm, company or body
corporate, it shall cease to be a donor for the purposes of the membership of the court on the expiry of a period of
fifteen years from the date the donation is accepted by the University, and during the period aforesaid, the
representative as may be nominated from time to time by such donor shall be deemed to be the donor.

*The M P Vishwavidyalaya(Sansodhan)Adhiniyam,1978(No. 10 of 1978)