Powers and duties of Academic Council
                26.  (1) The Academic Council shall, in addition to all other powers vested in it by this Act, the Statutes and
                             the Ordinances, have the following powers and perform the following duties, namely:
                             (i) to exercise general supervision over the academic policies of the University and to give directions
                                 regarding methods of instruction, co-operative teaching among colleges and institutions maintained
                                 by or admitted to the privileges of the University, evaluation of research or improvements in
                                 academic standards;
                              (ii) To consider matters of general academic interest either on its own initiative or on a reference by a
                                  faculty or the Executive Council and to take appropriate action thereon;
                             (iii) to make proposals for allocating departments to the Faculties and to assign Fellows and its own
                                   members to the Faculties;
                             (iv) to make proposals for the institution of fellowships, scholarships, studentships, exhibitions,
                                   medals and prizes and to make rules for their award;
                             (v) to consider the application for admission of an educational institution to the privileges of the

                                     *"Provided that no such application shall be considered unless it is accompained by certificate
from the Commissioner, Higher Education to the effect that the establishment of the institution or the expansion of the
faculties sought by the Institution has been permitted by him.”
                             (vi) to prescribe qualifications for recognition of persons as teachers of the University and to accord
                                   such recognition;

* The M P Vishwavidyalaya(Sansodhan)Adhiniyam,1994 (No. 19 of 1994)

                             (vii) to make arrangement for the conduct of examinations and to appoint result committees consisting
                                    of its own member or other persons or both, as it thinks fit, to prepare the result of examinations
                                    and report such results to the Executive Council for publication;
                             (viii) to recognise persons eminent in any subject to guide research in that subject
                (2) The Academic Council may appoint a Standing Committee consisting of its members. The constitution,
                      powers and functions of the said Standing Committee shall be determined by the Statutes.