University Fund
         32.    (1)    The University shall establish a Fund to be called the University Fund.
                  (2)    The following shall form part of, or be paid into, the University Fund:
                            (a) any rent, contribution or grant by Central or State Government or any body corporate;
                            (b) trusts, bequests, donations, endowments and other grants if any;
                            (c) the income of the University from all sources including income from fees and charges;
                            (d) all other sums received by the University.

       * The M P Vishwavidyalaya(Sansodhan)Adhiniyam,1991 (No. 23 of 1991)

                 (3)  The University Fund shall be kept in any Scheduled Bank as defined in the Reserve Bank of India Act,
                         1934, (No. 2 of 1934), or invested in securities authorised by the Indian Trusts Acts, 1882 (No. 2 of
                         1882), at the discretion of the Executive Council.
                  (4)   Nothing in this section shall in any way affect any obligations accepted by or imposed upon the University
                          by any declaration of trust executed by or on behalf of the University for the administration of any trust.