35.   Subject to the provisions of this Act and the rules made thereunder the Statutes may provide for all or any
                    of the following matters, namely :
                     (a) the constitution, powers and duties of such bodies as may be deemed necessary to constitute from
                          time to time;
                     (b) the manner of election or appointment and the term of office of the members of the bodies referred
                           to in  clause (a) including the continuance in the office of the first members, and filling of vacancies
                           of members and all other matters relating to those bodies for which it may be necessary or desirable
                           to provide;
                     (c) emoluments and other terms and conditions of service of the Kulapati, his powers and duties;
                           *(ci) The term of office, Conditions of Service, and emoluments of Rector and his powers and
                     (d) powers and duties of the Registrar, and other officers and employees of the university and the
                           conditions of  their service;        
                      (e) the constitution of a pension or Provident Fund and the establishment of an insurance scheme and
                           provision of gratuity and other benefits for the benefit of the officers, teachers and other employees
                           of the University;                           
                       (f) the holding of convocation to confer degrees;

*The M P Vishwavidyalaya(Sansodhan)Adhiniyam,1983 (No. 23 of 1983)

                       (g) conferment of honorary degrees;
                       (h) the withdrawal of degrees, diplomas, certificates and other academic distinctions;
                       (i) the establishment and abolition of faculties, halls, colleges, teaching departments, schools of studies
                            and institutions maintained by the University;         
                        (j) the conditions under which colleges and other institutions may be admitted to the privileges of the
                            University and the withdrawal of such privileges;   
                        (k) the extent of the autonomy which the Teaching Departments of the University schools of studies or
                             colleges may have and the matters in relation to which such autonomy may be exercised;
                        (l) qualifications of Professors, Readers, Lecturers and other teachers in affiliated colleges, and
                             recognised institutions;
                        (m)the administration of endowments, and the institution of fellowships, scholarships, studentships,
                             exhibitions, bursaries, medals, prizes and other awards;
                        (n) the emoluments and terms and conditions of service of the officers and the emoluments and terms
                             and conditions of service other than pay scales of teachers of the University paid by the University;
                        (o) the mode of determining seniority for the purpose of this Act;
                        (p) the maintenance of a register of registered graduates;
                        (q) establishment and constitution of Bureau for publications and translation in Hindi, and
                        (r) all other matters which by this Act are to be provided for by Statutes,