Statutes how made
            36.    (1)    The first statutes of the University shall be prepared by the Co-ordination Committee.
                     (2)     The Co-ordination Committee may, from time to time make, amend or repeal any statute by
                               passing a statute in the manner hereinafter appearing.
                   *(3)     The Co-ordination committee may on receiving a proposal from the Executive Council of a
                               Univeirsity or on its own motion consider the draft of a statute that is in the interest of either one or
                               all the Universities.
                     (4)     Where a draft is proposed by the Executive Council, the Co-ordination Committee may approve
                               of such draft and pass the Statute or reject it or return it to the Executive Council for reconsideration
                               either in whole or in part together with any amendment which the Co-ordination Committee may
                     (5)     After any draft returned under sub-section (4) has been further considered by the Executive Council
                               together with any amendment suggested by the Co-ordination Committee it shall again be presented
                               to the Co-ordination Committee with a report of the Executive Council thereon and the Co-
                               ordination Committee may approve or reject the Statute.
                     (6)     The Co-ordination Committee shall not take into consideration nor the Executive Council shall
                               propose the draft of any Statute or of any amendment of a statute or of the repeal of any statute:
                              (a) affecting the statutes, power or constitution of any authority of the University until such authority
                                    has been given an opportunity of expressing an opinion unpon the proposal; or
                               (b) affecting the conditions of admission of colleges to privileges of the university, until the Academic
                                    Council has been given an opportunity of expressing an opinion upon the proposal and such
                                    opinion shall be forwarded by the Executive Council to the Co-ordination Committee alongwith
                                    any draft it may propose.
                     (7)     Where the Co-ordination Committee approves the Statutes, they shall become effective from such
                              date  as the Co-ordination Committee may specify.