37.   Subject to the provisions of this Act and the Statutes, the Ordinances may provide for all or any of the
                 following  matters:
                 (i) the admission of students to colleges, teaching departments, schools of studies and laboratories and levy
                     of fees and their enrolment;
                 (ii) the degrees, diplomas, certificates and other academic distinctions to be awarded by the University, and
                      the qualifications for the same;

* The M P Vishwavidyalaya(Sansodhan)Adhiniyam,1991 (No. 23 of 1991)

                  (iii) the examinations leading to the degrees, diplomas and certificates of the University;
                  (iv) the fees to be charged for courses of study in the University and for admission to the examinations,
                        degrees and diplomas of the University;
                   (v) laying down conditions for appearing at examinations for degrees, diplomas, certificates and other
                        academic distinctions;
                   (vi) conduct of examinations;
                   (vii) the condition of the award of fellowships, scholarships, studentships, exhibitions, medals and prizes etc;
                   (viii) the maintenance of discipline amongst the students of the University;
                    (ix) the conditions of residence of the students of Teaching Departments, colleges, schools of studies and
                          the levy of fees for residence in halls;
                    (x) the recognition and inspection of halls;
                    (xi) the special arrangements, if any, which may be made for the residence, discipline and teaching of
                          women students and prescribing for them special courses of study;
                    (xii) giving of moral instructions;
                    (xiii) the management of colleges and other institutions founded or maintained by the University;
                    (xiv) the supervision and inspection of colleges and other institutions admitted to the privileges of the
                    (xv) the duties, qualifications and conditions of appointment including pay scales of teachers of the
                           University paid by the University;
                    (xvi) the duties and powers of the Boards and Committees to be appointed by the University jointly with
                            any other University or body;
                    (xvii) the rules to be observed and enforced by affiliated colleges and recognised institutions in respect of
                             transfer of students;
                     (xviii) the register of students to be kept by affiliated colleges and recognised institutions;
                     (xix) the mode of execution of contracts or agreements by or on behalf of the University;
                     (xx) the rates at which travelling allowance and daily allowance shall be admissible to the members of the
                          authorities, Committees and other bodies of the University, the examiners, the officers and staff of the
                  *(xxi) constitution of students’ union and its mode; and
                    (xxii) all other matters which by this Act or the statures are also to be or may be provided for by the
                                Provided that an ordinance under item (xv) shall be subject to the provisions of section 50.