42.    (1)  Halls, other than those maintained by the University shall be such as may be recognised by the Executive
                         Council on such general or special conditions as may be prescribed by the Ordinances.
                   (2)   The Wardens and the superintending staff of the hall shall be appointed in the manner prescribed by the
                   (3)    The conditions of residence in hall shall be prescribed by the Ordinances, and every hall shall be
                            subject to inspection by any authority or officer of the University authorised in this behalf by the
                            Executive Council.
                   (4)     The Executive Council shall have power to suspend or withdraw the recognition of any hall on the
                             ground that it is not conducted in accordance with the conditions prescribed by the Ordinances :

                                 Provided that no such action shall be taken without affording the managing authority of such hall
  an opportunity of making such representation as it may deem fit.