(See section 69)

Ammendments of section 23.
In section 23:
        (i) In sub-section (1);
                                    (a) Clause (iii) shall be omitted;
                                    (b) the existing proviso shall be omitted; and
             (ii) “Proviso to sub-section (2) shall be omitted.”

** The M. P. Vishwavidyalaya (Sanshodhan) Adhiniyam 1994 (No. 19 of 1994)

Construction of references to
8.   All notifications, orders, rules, bye-laws, statutes, Ordinances regulations, certificates, degrees, diplomas or any
      other document whatsoever issued, made or prescribed under any enactment Bhopal which immediately before
       the commencement of the Madhya Pradesh University Vishwavidhyalaya (Sansodhan) Adhiniyam, 1988 were in
       force otherwise shall be construed as if references therein to the Bhopal University were references to the
       Barkatullah University.