Power and duties first Kulapati
         *(15-A)       It shall be the duty of first Kulapati of each of University specified in Part II of the Second Schedule to constitute Court, Executive Council, Academic Council and other authorities of the University within a period of two years from the date of the establishment of the University and till the said authorities are constituted, the Kulapati shall be deemed to be the Court, Executive Council, Academic Council or such other authority, as the case may be, and shall exercise the powers and perform the duties conferred or imposed on such authorities by or under this Act:

                                  Provided that the Kuladhipati may, if he considers it necessary or expedient so to do, appoint a committee after consultation with the State Government consisting of an Educationist, an administrative expert and a financial expert to aid and advise the Kulapati in the exercise of his powers and performance of functions in lieu of each such authority.