1.     The following procedure shall be followed in recommending or prescribing text-books for University Examinations
        other than the Honours and Post-graduate examination and such other examinations as may be excluded by the
        Academic Council from the operations of this Regulation from time to time.

2.     No book shall be taken into consideration unless it has been published before the Ist July of the preceding the year
         in which it is placed for consideration before the Board of Studies concerned.

3.     A publisher intending to submit a book for the consideration of the University shall forward one copy of the book
        to each member of the board of Studies concerned and one to the Registrar of the University by the 31 March of
        the year in which it is to be considered by the Board. In the case of books of which the price exceeds rupees five,
        the Vice Chancellor may reduce the number of copies to be forwarded by a publisher under this clause, in such
        manner as he thinks fit.

4.     Every publisher submitting a book for consideration shall (a) state the name of the real author and (b) submit a
        declaration from such author that the later has not secret partners. If the statement of the publisher or the
        declaration of the author is found to be incorrect no book published by such publisher or written by such author
        shall be considered by the University until the expiry of such period as may be specified by the Academic Council.

5.     No book which is written or edited by a member of the Board of Studies concerned or in which such member has
        a financial interest as its editor or publisher or in any other way, shall be placed for consideration before the Board.

6.     Every publisher or author submitting a book for consideration of the University shall submit a declaration in the
        following form to accompany each book prescribed by the University, in order to check copyright infringements,
       I/We declare that no copyright material has been used in the book entitled ............................/ necessary
  permission has been obtained for the copyright material that has been used in the book entitled...........................


  Dated .............                                                                                       Signature of author (s) or publisher (s)