(For M.A. amd M.Sc. Courses in UTD)



(1)     These Regulations are subject to alternations from time to time.

(2)     These Regulations are subject to the provisions of the Act. Statutes and Ordinances as inforce from time to time.

(3)     The admissions, Examinations etc. will be governed by Ordinances 6,7 and 8 and guidelines inforce of  the State
          Coordination Committee and the rules or decisions of the University.

  1. Duration of Master Course

                    The duration of M.A. and M.Sc. Courses of study shall extend over 4 semesters in 2 academic years, and
it will be a full time programme. The number of seats in each course shall be in accordance with the directions of the

2. Eligibility

            Eligibility of the candidates seeking admission to M.A./ M.Sc. courses shall be in accordance to the
ordinances 16 and 20 and the specific decisions made from time to time by the subject Board of Studies.

3.     Students admitted to the course shall not be allowed to join any other course of study or appear in any
        other examination or undertake any employment which can interfere with the requisite attendance of the

4.     A candidate who has been admitted to the M.A./M.Sc. programme in terms of the provisions referred to in
        paragraph (2) above and who has attended a regular course of study in the University Teaching
        Department for the full semester period shall be eligible to appear in the examination of that semester.
        However, no candidate shall be eligible to take any semester examination unless he/she has attended
        atleast 75% of the lectures delivered.

5. Semester Schedule

        Subject to internal departmental adjustments, the semester Schedule would be :

       First /Third Semester : July, August to December with November- December the period of University
        examination for the semester at the UTD.

        Second / Fourth Semester : January to May with April- May as the period of University Examination for
         the semester at the UTD.

6.     For passing each semester examination the candidate shall be required to secure at least 35% marks in
        each paper of the University examination, 50% in practicals (if any) and 50% in Seminar evaluation.

7.     A candidate shall be eligible to appear in the succeeding semester examination after having passed the
        preceding semester. Provided that if a candidate fails in not more than two papers of the University
        examination he/she will be promoted to the next semester course. The backlog of such papers of the
        previous, semester shall be permitted to be cloared alongwith the examination of the current semester in
       April-May examinations of second and fourth semesters.

8.     Candidates who have passed the M.A./M.Sc. examination but are not satisfied with the division or grade
        obtained may take up a division improvement examination by appearing in not more than two papers
        selected by them after paying the requisite fee as fixed for this by the University.

9.     Internal evaluation shall be the significant component of the evaluation process. 50% of papers shall be set
        by the internal faculty involved with the course. There shall be not less then 3 semesters per student per
        semester evaluated on the basis of oral presentation and written script by an internal panel constituted by
        the Head of the Department. The overall marks allocated to student seminars shall not be more than 20%
        of the total marks of the course.

10.     The final statement of marks and the division and grade obtained shall be issued after the completion of
           fourth semester examination. 36% to less than 48% is the range of III Division 48% to less than 60% is
           the range of II Division and 60% and above is the range of First division Grade conversion of the total
           marks obtained will be done ona seven grade scale.


                   Grade                                                                                     Range of marks obtained

                       O                                                                                               75% and above
                       A                                                                                               65% to less than 75%
                       B                                                                                               55% to less than 65%
                       C                                                                                               45% to less than 55%
                       D                                                                                               35% to less than 45%
                       E                                                                                                 25% to less than 35%
                       F                                                                                                Below 25%


12.     There shall be two, practical examinations in two academic years. First practical examination will be at
            the conclusion of second semester and the second practical examination at the conclusion of the fourth

13.     The course stracture, brack up of marks and duration of examination in each paper and practical shall be
           as per the scheme approved by the subject Board of Studies,

14.   These regulations shall be operative from the academic year 1989-90 onwards for those UTDs opting for
         the Semester scheme.