(a)    These regulation are subject to the provision of the Act . The Statutes and the Ordinances of the University.
        1(a)    Hostels wardens shall be appointed by the Vice Chancellor from amongst the campus resident teachers of
                  the University Teaching Departments not below the rank of a Reader.

                                Provided that a teacher below the rank of a Reader can be appointed if teachers of Higher ranks
are  not available.

          (b)    Each hostel shall have a hostel superintendent appointed by the Vice Chancellor from among the teachers of
                  the University Teaching Departments.

          (c)    The hostel warden shall have a rent free accommodation in the campus and a honorarium to be decided by
                  the Vice Chancellor from time to time and the hostel Superintendent will be given an Honorarium decided by
                  Vice Chancellor.

          (d)    The Superintendent will help in the supervision of the hostel in consultations with the warden. Normally the
                  superintendent  shall visit the hostel at a stipulated time in consulation with the warden every day in the
                  absence of warden he/she should look after the duties of the warden also.

2.    TENURE :
        The tenure of the hostel warden and the hostel superintendent shall be of two years in the first instance it may be
extanded at the discreation of the Vice Chancellor.
         Provided that if the performance of a hostel warden or the hostel superintendent is not satisfactory, the appointment
  can be terminated by the Vice Chancellor.

The powers and the duties of the hostel wardens/ Superintendent shall be such as assigned by the Executive Council
  from time to time on the recommendation of the Vice Chancellor.

I.     GENERAL :
         There shall be separate hostels for  boys and Girls.
         1.    Seats in the hostel to be decided by the warden on the basis of accommodation available.
         2.    The University Hostels are under the Management and control of the wardens who are responsible for the
               Management provided the decision of the Vice Chancellor shall be final.

         3.    Only bonafids students of the University Teaching Department shall be eligible to seek admission in the
         4.    A student once expelled from the Hostel shall not be eligible for readmission.
         5.    Only those students whose parents reside out of Municipal area of Rewa may be admitted to the
               University Hostels.   
         6.    Preference shall be given to students from coming far off places.

         7.    Students seeking admission to the University Hostels should apply on the prescribed application form
                obtainable from the office of the Warden. The Warden will issue fee demand letter indicating the last date
                by which the student must deposit hostel fees and Mess advance. In case a student fails to deposit the fees
                within the specified time he will forfeit his claim for admission in the Hostels.

        8.    Once the student is allocated a room in the Hostel and paid the hostel charges, no fees except caution
                money will be refunded.

        9.    The Mess in the hostels will be run on cooperative basis by the hostellers themselves under the general
                supervision of  the Warden. Utensils charges or Rs. 30/- each will be deposited by each student every
                year.Thus money collected will be apart on kitchen accessories by the permission of the Warden.

        10.    Students will be admitted to the Hostels by the Warden who may refuse admission to a student in the Hostel
                 without assigning any reason.

         11.    No. Student shall occupy any room in the Hostels without obtaining admission to Hostel and without payment
                  of Hostel charges mentioned in the Hostel fee Demand letter.

        12.    On producing the relevant receipts the Warden shall allot each student a seat in the Hostel.

         13.    Each student must occupy a seat in the room allotted to him for the session by the Warden. If any student in
                  found changing his seat without prior permission of the Warden, a disciplinary action will be taken against

        14.    The room once allotted can not be transferred without permission of the Warden. But Warden can transfer
                  the room of student if he deems fit.

IV.    FEES :
         15.    Room Rent and electric charge will be Rs. 100/- per month per student. It may be revised at the discretion of
                  the Vice Chancellor. Hostel caution money of Rs. 200/- per student will be deposited which is refundable.     


          16.   Student who fail to pay their dues in time for two consecutive months their will be struck off from the Hostel
                 Register and thereafter they may be readmitted on payment of dues outstanding against along with fine of Rs.
                  50/- only. In case the student does not get readmission by clearing the dues within 15 days from the date of
                  removal of his name from the Hostel register, he will have to vacate his seat.

         17.    All hostellers must get their identity cards every year through the Proctor, A student must possess his/her
                  identity card whenever he/she goes out of the Hostel premises. The student shall have to show his/her identity
                  card to the teacher of officer of the University on demand.   
                            The prefect will be given a rent free seat from the date of his/her appointment.

        18.    The Prefect would be in charge of the discipline and good tone of the hostellers residing in his block and
                  should be able to build up good traditions and corporate life among the students of his block.

        19.    The Prefect shall be incharge of the verandah lights and other hostel property of his block. He/She report to
                  the Manager/ Warden all cases of illness misconduct, lack of discipline, breach of Hostel rules or damage to
                  the hostel property in his block by any hosteller or servant of his block.

        20.    The Prefect shall maintain the attendance of the hostellers in his clock every evening for time to time to be
                  specified by the Warden.

        21.    The Prefect shall be liable to be removed from his office by the Warden without assigning any reason

         22.    Each Prefect will maintain a registrar to record the daily attendance of the students of his block between 9.00
                  pm and 10.00 pm for boys and 7.00 pm for Girls.

        23.    A surprise roll. call can be taken by the Warden/ Superintentendent at any time during night times. Every
                  hosteller should be present in the hostel during these hours.

        24.    Any student who desires to remain absent from the Hostel after the roll-call shall obtain the written
                 permission of the Warden/ Superintendent in advance. Absence from the roll-call without permission shall
                 render a student/ liable to disciplinary action. Repeated breach of this rule shall render a student liable to
                expulsion from the Hostel.

25.    Leave of absence from Hostel shall be granted for sickness or for urgent and unavoidable reasons only.

          26.    No student shall leave the station without obtaining prior permission of  the Warden. They shall report to the
                  Warden immediately on returning from leave.

         27.    Hostellers going out on Educational or Games tours or for attending N.C.C. camps must obtain written
                  permission from the Warden before leaving the Hostel.

        28.    Sick leave shall be granted only on producing medical certificate, Students who fall will when they are out of
                  Rewa shall apply for leave through their parents of Guardians and forward a medical certificate with such

        29.    A hosteller absenting himself from the Hostel without leave or overstaying his leave for 8 days or more shall
                  forfeit his seat in the Hostel besides whatever disciplinary action the University authorities may take.

30.    Electric power will normally be supplied from 6 pm to 6 am only. In watts using concerns will have to pay
                  extra. The amount will be decided by the Warden.

        31.    No student shall temper with the electric fitting in his/her room. Any damage to, or loss of electric fittings will
                   be chargeable to the students occupying the room besides the fine that may be imposed. In no case electric
                   light be left switched on unnecessarily or when the room is closed or locked.

32.    Each student is responsible for the cleanliness and good order in his room and of the hostel property and
                  furniture in his charge. They shall not disfigure walls or doors and windows.

        33.    Students should take care of their rooms even during their temporary absence from their rooms. They shall not
                  keep costly things and any type of weapons in the room or in the Hostel. If any students keep any type of
                  weapon in the hostel, He shall be terminated from the Hostel. The Hostel management will not be responsible
                  if any thing is lost from their rooms.

        34.    No student shall exchange his room or any of its furniture with any other student without prior permission of
                  the Warden.

         35.    Immediately before leaving the hostel after annual Exams/semester (II&IV) each student shall hand over
                  vacant   possession of room to the Warden, If any student leaves the Hostel and fails to hand over in
                  good condition all the room furniture and other items issued to him, he shall be liable to a fine in addition
                  to the charges for the loss or damage done to the hostel furniture and property. In exceptional cases the
                  inmate may be allowed to stay during the vacation after obtaining permission from the Warden. The decision
                 of the Warden shall be final.

36.    The block servants and mess servants shall be provided by the Registrar in consultation with the Warden
                  and they shall discharge their duties under the instructions of the Warden posted within hostel. The clock
                  and mess servants once deputed ordinarily shall not be withdrawn without consulting the Warden.

        37.    Hostellers are strictly forbidden to utilize Hostel and Mess servants as private servants. No hosteller
                 shall   strike, interface with or abuse any of the hostel and mess servants in any way whatsoever. No
                 excuse will be  accepted for the breach of this rule.

        38.    Students residing in the hostels shall not held any meeting or organize any activity without the written
                  permission of the Warden.

        39.    No notice shall be posted on the notice board or circulated in the Hostel without prior written approval of
                 the Warden.

         40.    No society asseciation or club shall be formed and no person shall be invited to address any meeting or
                 society without the prior written permission of the Warden.

41.    Hostel caution money is refundable after due deductions if any, after the students has left the Hostel

        42.    The Warden may withdraw from the caution money of the inmate/inmates for payment of outstanding
                 dues against the student.

         43.    No student shall keep any guest in the room without the prior permission of the Warden.

         44.    Visitors will have to sign their names in the Visitor's Register and shall state the purpose and duration of their

         45.    All applications for any favor or compliant of any kind must be made to the Warden through the Hostel

        46.    No Hosteller shall lodge any complaint with any University authority or the police without the prior permission
                  of the Warden.

          47.    Every hosteller shall confirm to a high standard of discipline and conduct within and outside the precincts of
                   the Hostels befitting the students of a University of repute. He shall have a seriousness of purpose and shall in
                   every way, train himself to lead a life of earnest endeavor and co-operation.

        48.    A hosteller shall show due courtesy and consideration to the employees of the Hostels, good neighborliness
                  to his fellow hostellers, respect to the Warden, Superintendents and Managers of the hostel and pay attention
                  and courtesy to the Visitors.

        49.    Breach of rules and regulations of the hostels lack of decorum, indiscipline, insubordination, ungentlemanly
                  conduct, causing inconvenience of room-mate, taking law interene's own hands or abetting an offence or
                  willful damage to hostel property or to the belonging of a fellow hosteller may entail removal of the student
                  from the hostel.

        50.    In case a student commits serious breach of discipline or excites others to commit breach of discipline or is a
                 habitual offender of hostel and mess rule of fails to pay his mess bill in time, his parents or guardian may be
                  asked to take away the student from the Hostel.

        51.    On a report from the Warden against a hosteller the Kulpati may cancel his admission in the Hostel/University
                  and the student will have to vacate the Hostel immediately.

        52.    In case of damage to any building furniture, fittings or other property of the Hostels, the damage will be
                 charged to the inmate known to be immediately concerned, but if the persons who caused the damage are
                 unknown, the cost of repairing or replacing it may be assessed equally upon all the students of the Hostel.

         53.    Radio/T.V. (except one in the common room or mess) gramophone, or any other sound instrument is not
                 allowed in the Hostel.

        54.    No vendor or a person running a private canteen, washer-man barber, cobbler be permitted to enter and
                  work in the University Hostels unless he holds a license.

        55.    Drinking of wine and gambling is strictly prohibited in the Hostels. In case a student is found drunk or alcohol
                  is recovered from his room he shall be at once expelled from the Hostel.

        56.    Outsiders coming to Rewa for appearing at the University Examinations may be provided accommodation in
                  the Common room of the Hostel subject to availability of seats, each candidate will have to pay Rs. 10.00
                  per day for the duration of the examination.

  B.    MESS RULES 1997 :
         1.    The name of the Mess will be "Boys Hostel Mess and I Indira Girls Hostel Mess.

         2.    The Messes shall be run on no profit and no loss basis by the students.

         3.    The Messes shall function under the control and Management of the Hostel Warden who shall be assisted by a
                Mess Committee.

        4.    All students shall dine in the dining hall of the Mess in case of illness meals may be served in the rooms with the
               permission of the Warden.

         5.    The residents of the Teachers Hostel or members of the teaching and administrative staff of the University may
                 be allowed to dine in the Mess with the prior permission of the Warden.

        6.    The messing hours shall normally be 9 to 11 in the morning and 7.30 to 9.30 in the evening.

         7.    In all matters concerning the Mess the decision of the Warden shall be final.

8.    Every student seeking admission to the University Hostels shall have to pay Mess charges, He/She will also
                pay Rs. 30.00 as Utensil charges which will be non-refundable.

        9.    The amount shall be deposited in the Hostel account operated by the Warden.

10.    Monthly mess bill of a student shall be worked out by dividing the actual total monthly expenditure on food
                  and establishment in the Mess by the number of student.

        11.    Guest charge at the rate of Rs. 10.00 each per meal shall be charged extra. Those taking breakfast shall have
                   to pay Rs. 5.00 per breakfast.

        12.    Rebate shall be allowed to a student for absence from the Mess for one complete day or more with prior
                 permission of the Warden.

         13.    Charges for special diet supplied to the sick students shall be added to the monthly mess bill. Rebates shall be
                  given in the monthly mess bill for the number of days a student is supplied special diet.

        14.    The students must pay their monthly Mess bill before the 15th of the following month. In case of default
                 student shall be allowed to dine in the Mess only on pre-payment of Rs. 10.00 per meal from a further period
                 of five ays. If the Mess bill is not cleared during this period the student may be asked to quit the hostel and his
                  parents/ guardian shall be informed accordingly.

15.    There shall be a Mess Committee including student Members which will ensure the smooth functioning of the

        16.    With a view to providing wider participation of students in the functioning of their Mess, the student members
                  of the Mess Committee may be changed every three months.

        17.    The Hostel Manage and the Mess Managers from each Mess shall be the ex-officio members of the Mess

         18.    The Warden shall be the ex-officio Chairman of the Mess Committee. A student member shall be nominated
                 Secretary of the Mess Committee by the Warden.

         19.    The Mess Committee shall perform the following Function.
                 (a)    To decide the weekly menu for a month.
                 (b)    To discuss the problems relating to the improvement in messing.
                 (c)    To review the messing account of the previous month.
                 (d)    To perform such other functions as may be necessary for the smooth functioning of the Mess.

20.    Purchases for the Mess shall be made by a Sub-Committee consisting of the Hostel Manager and two
                  student members of the Mess Committee, one from each hostel, nominated by the Mess Committee, the
                   Hostel Manager or his nominee shall be incharge of the purchase team.

        21.    Purchases shall be made at the time and from a source most advantageous and economical to the Mess.

         22.    Each member of the purchase Sub-Committee shall sign each memo or bill in token of its correctness of
                  quality quantity and amount paid or to be paid irrespective of the fact whether he/she or his/her nominee was
                  actually present or not at the time of making purchases.

                                   The members of the purchase Sub-Committee should therefore, ensure that either they or their
  nominees are present when purchases are made for the Mess.

         23.    The traveling expenses of the purchasing personnel shall be met out of the Hostel Mess Fund.

24.    The Mess Committee shall ensure that Mess Accounts are kept in proper form and the ledgers and books
                  are kept upto date.

        25.    The monthly Account sheet shall be considered by the Mess Committee and thereafter shall be placed on the
                  notice board of the Mess for information of the Mess members.

26.    Mess members shall confirm to a high standard of discipline and conduct within and outside the dining halls.

         27.    Members shall show due courtesy and consideration to the messing staff.

         28.    All complaints and suggestions concerning the Mess shall be addressed to the Warden through the Hostel

        29.    Breach of Mess rules, withholding payment of Mess Bill after the due date, lack of decorum, indiscipline
                 insubordination, ungentlemanly conduct or willful damage to mess property, or taking law into one's own
                  hands or abetting an offence may entail forfeiture of a student's seat from the hostel.

        30.    On a report from the Warden, the Kulpati may cancel a student's admission from the hostel and / or the
                  University without assigning any reasons.

                The Vice -    Chancellor shall have power to change, add, or modify any clause of the above Regulation at
                                      any time as he deems fit and the decision of the Vice-Chancellor shall be final.