Regulation for the Disposal of cases of "Use or attempt to use unfair means" and disorder by conduct at an
  examination by a candidate

1.     In every case, where a candidate appearing for an examination is found using or attempting to use unfair means at
        the examination or behaving in a disorderly manner, a report shall be accompanied with the candidate’s answer-
        books and such documents and articles as were found in his possession and as constitute primafacie evidence of the
        use of unfair means/disorderly behaviour.

2.     On recepit of the report, the Registrar shall send it together with answer-books, documents and articles, mentioned
         in paragraph 1, to the examiner appointed by the Kulpati and obtain his report in the prescribed from.

3.     The Examiner’s report, together with the answer-books, documents and articles, shall be placed before the
        Committee constituted under Ordinance 5.

4.     If a candidate is found by the Committee to have acted in any manner intended to gain any advantage relating to
        his examination he shall be deemed guilty of using unfair means for the purpose of this regulation.

5.     The action proposed to be taken by the Committee shall be communicated to the candidate alongwith the statement
        of case against him. No. case shall be decided unless the candidate has been given reasonable opportunity to send
        representation in writing against the action proposed to be taken by the Committee.

6. Every such case shall be decided by the Committee constituted under Ordinance 5.
                                            Use or attempt to use Unfair Means and Disorderly conduct at an Examination.


   (I) Use or attempt to use of unfair means at an Examination shall include the following :



ALLEGATION                                                                                                                              PUNISHMENT

1.    Taking assistance from any other
       candidate of any other person in
       any un-authorised manner whatso-
       ever in answering the question
       paper during the course of the

2. Assisting any other candidate in any                                                                                 Cancellation of subject
    unauthorised manner whatsoever in                                                                                    concerned.
    answering the question paper during
    the course of the examination.

3. Deliberately disclosing one’s identity
    or making any distinctive mark in the
    answer-books for that purpose.



1.     Carrying into the examination room/                                                                       Cancellation of the full
         hall any book, paper, notes or any                                                                         University examination a
         other material whatsoever likely to                                                                          which he is appearing.
         be used directly or indirectly be the
         candidate in connection with the
         examination with the examination.

2. (a)  Carrying any such material
          mentioned above which relates to
          the subject of the Examination but
          not connected with the questions
          asked in that paper.
    (b) In those cases, where such material
         was found with the examinee but the
         examiner has reported that it has not
         been used by the examinee.
   (c) In those cases, where no such material                                                           Cancellation of concerned
        was traced from the examinee but the                                                                  subject/Paper
        examiner has reported that matter
        produced has been copied from a
        book/Guess paper/notes etc."



1.   Taking assistance from any book                                                                     Cancellation of the examination
      paper, notes or any other material                                                                    and debarring from subsequent
      in answering the question paper                                                                        University examination/exami-
      during the course of the examination                                                                  nations upto the maximum of                                                                                                                           two examinations including the                                                                                                                                supplementary/second exam.



1. Smuggling in an answer-book or a                                                                      Cancellation of the examination
     continuation sheet subsequent.                                                                           and debarring from any
2. Taking out or arranging to send out                                                                     University examination/
     answer-book or its any page or                                                                         examinations upto a maximum
      continuation sheet.                                                                                           of three examinations including
3. Replacing or getting replaced an                                                                         the supplementary/Second
    answer-book or its any page or                                                                          Examination.
    continuation sheet during or after
    the examination.



Getting impersonated by any                                                                                     Cancellation of the examination
person in the examination.                                                                                          and debarring from any of the
years.                                                                                                                        University examination for five

(II) Disorderly conduct in the Examination shall comprise the following:



Using urinals/lavatories which are                                                                                  Cancellation of the paper
not allowed by the examination                                                                                      concerned.
centre, inspite or warning given by
the Invigilator/Superintendent/any
other officer deputed by the University.


1. Using indecent and/or abusive                                                                               Cancellation of examination
     language against the Invigilator/                                                                             and debarring from any sub-
     Superintendent/any other officer                                                                          sequent University examination/
     deputed by the University at the                                                                         examinations upto a maximum
      centre.                                                                                                     of three including the supplemantry/
                                                                                                                      Secondary examinations
2. Destroying of unfair means materials                                            
    found with the candidate
    either by swallowing or throwing out
    of the room or window or elseshere
    or in any other way.



i) Leaving the examination room/hall                                                                                  Cancellation of the examina-
before the expiry of half an hour or                                                                                    tion and debarring from any
with on handing over the answer                                                                                       University examinations upto
books to the invigilator in charge.                                                                                      a maximum of thre including
ii) Intentionally tearing off his own                                                                                     the Supplementary/Second
answer book or a part of a leaf or                                                                                    examination.
a continuation sheet or of any other
candidate appearing at the examination.        do
iii) Disrupting the examination in any way.
iv) Forcing others to leave the examination   do
v) Carrying any weapon of offence into        do
the examination room/hall.
vi) Any other act of the candidate including   do
refusal to hand over the criminating
material during the course of the
examination reported by the invigilator
and the Supdt./any other officer deputed
by the University and found to be
mishehaviour by the Committee.

NOTE:     The Committee shall recommend punishment after due consideration of the type of disorderly conduct,
                  reports of the invigilator, the Centre Supdt./any other officer deputed by the University and the statement
                  of the candidate.



Use of unfair means of any type                                                                                          Punishment not exceeding
reported by the examiner in the                                                                                          debarring the candidate from
foregoing categories.                                                                                                          not more than three sub-
                                                                                                                                         sequent University




NOTE :    (I) The Committee shall recommend punishment after due consideration of the category/type of unfair
                      means, reports of the invigilator, the centre Superintendent the examiner and the statement of the
                (II) Where punishment is awarded under more then one clause, the punishments shall run concurrently.