1.     The conduct of the DCA course will be governed in general by the APS University Ordinance No. 59. The following set
         of rules/regulation are being specifically made applicable for the Department of Computer Science, because the DCA
        course is of professional nature. These regulations will in no case be contrary or otherwise to the provisions contained in
        ordinance no. 59.

(i)     Very wide publicity must be given for Admission to One-Year Full-Time Diploma Course in "Computer Science
                 and Applications" (DCA).
        (ii)     The fee for supplying the applications forms alongwith necessary details etc. is fixed as Rs. 150/- (Rs. 20/- will be
                 payable extra for postal expenses, wherever required).
        (iii)    The fee for the admission-test etc., payable at the time of the submission of application form for admission to DCA,
                 is fixed as Rs. 200/- (Rs. 100/- for SC/ST candidates).
        (iv)     As far as possible, the date of the Admission-Test may be communicated alongwith other details supplied with the
                  Application form.
        (v)     A     The written test may consist of three components :
                        (a)  Proficiency in English
                        (b)  General knowledge (Covering all disciplines).
                        (c)  Mathematical Ability and reasoning.
                        Each paper will be of one hour duration and of 100 marks each, and will be conducted in three shifts.
        (v)     B The interview shall be conducted by a Board of Examiners (approved by the Kulpati on the recommendation of
                 HOD, Computer Science) and should be of 100 marks only.
        (vi)     A The Remuneration for the conduct of the Admission Test for DCA will be paid as under, which is being fixed
                 considering other Professional entrance examinations, and the strict confidentiality desired. The total remuneration
                 thus payble will be limited upto only 50% of the Test Fee collected from the candidates.
                (a)     Overall supervisor : Rs. 12/- per shift
                (b)     Superintendents Rs. 40/- per shift (subject to a maximum of Rs.1/- per candidate.)
                (c)     Observer : Rs. 250/- for the complete Test.
                (d)     Paper setting and Model Answer : Rs. 150/- + 50/- Rs. 200/- each paper.
                (e)     Moderation of the papers and the model answers : Rs. 50/- each paper.
                (f)     Stencil cutting : Rs. 3/- each stencil (Checking will be done by obswever / supervisor).
                (g)     Cyclostyling : Rs. 1/- each stencil.
                (h)     Invigilation : Rs. 25/- per shift.
                         (Two invigilators for every 25 candidates)
                (i)     Valuation of the Answer Scripts : Rs. 3/- per answer book.
                (j)     Tabulation of marks (minimum) : Rs. 50/- for every 100 candidates to each tabulator.
                (k)     Collation of marks : Minimum Rs. 15/- for every 100 candidates to each collator.
                 (l)     Total office Assistance :
                        (i)     III class employees @ Rs. 2.00 per candidate
                        (ii)     IV class employees @ Rs. 1.00 per candidate
                (m)     Interview Board/personality Test
                         (Minimum Rs. 50/- @ Rs. 1/- per candidate for each member of  the board).

    Note :- The conveyance allowance will be payble to all @ Rs. 15/- if the test etc. are held on holidays or non-office hours.

        (vi)B     The Remuneration to examiners for the conduct of semester examination Post Graduate Diploma (DCA) is fixed
                     as under :
                    (a) Paper setting Rs. 150/- each paper.
                    (b) Valuation of the A/Book Rs. 3/- each answer book.   
                    (c) Practical Examination (Minimum Rs. 100/-)
                         Rs. 3/- each candidate including its viva-voce
                    (d) Valuation of project report (minimum Rs. 100/-) Rs. 20/- each project to internal as well as external valuer.

        (vii)     Remuneration for Part-Time Lecturer/Coaching to DCA students (theory), tutorials and Practicals( will be paid as

    (a-1)  Local teachers/consultants (including University staff of other departments) Rs. 75/- per lecture of atleast one hour
             duration (including conveyance), subject to a maximum of Rs. 750/- p.m. to any individual.

    (a-2)  For tutorials / practicals @ Rs. 50/- per hour, subject to a maximum of Rs. 500/- per month to any individual.

            (b)  The vacant / sanctioned Teaching/Technical post. can be filled by employing part-time persons @ Rs. 1500/- per
                   month (for teachers) and Rs. 1200/- p.m. (for tech. esstts.) through screening/ personal interview by Board
                   consisting of Dean of Faculty (Chairman) HOD Computer Science, two senior teachers of the Dept./Faculty, and
                  an expert from the local Engineering college. The part-time appointment will continue for atleast one academic

        (c)   The course shall be coordinated by calling subject experts from other institution invited through other schemes, such
               as visiting-ship and extension-lecture.

     (viii)     Admission fee, tution/laboratory fee and other fees : Based on the decision of the Coordination Committee, the
                 prescribed for DCA entrants shall be as under:
                (a)     Tution fee Rs. 2000/- per semester to be paid at the beginning of each semester.
                (b)     Laboratory fee: Rs. 1000/- per semester to be paid in the beginning of each semester.
                (c)     University admission fee: as per University rules.
                (d)     Caution money (Refundable): Rs. 200/-
                 (e)     All other fees including examinaion fee etc. will be as per University rules.

                The fee collected as above under item VIII (a) and (b) above, can be utilized for the best possible management of
 the course, which cannot be covered under various heads of budgeted grants to the department. Such expenditures shall be
 regulated through a committee consisting of the Dean Faculty of Science HOD, and an external expert. This procedure will
 also be followed to use specified grants being provided by UGC to the Computer Science Dept. as working expenses (on per
 student basis).