(Refer Section 14-1)

  1.   The Kulpati shall receive a fixed pay of Rs. 25,000/ per month plus other allowances as admissible from time to time.
   If he assumes his charge after attaining the normal age of superannuation and is receiving pension due to his past services,
   then either his pay and allowance will be reduced by the gross amount of his pension amount prior to commutation on the
   payment of pension shall be held in abeyance upto the date of his relinquishing charges of the post of the Kulpati. On the
   other hand if he assumes charge after attaining the normal age of superannuation and he was on a pensionable post, his
   gross pension equivalent of retirement benefits will be reduced from the pay and allowances admissible to the post of

   2.   During his tenure of office, the Kulpati shall be entitled to have a rent free furnished residential accommodation
    maintained by the University.
                        The Kulpati shall be entitled to use a University vehicle for official purposes. He will pay such amount
  for use of the vehicle as may be prescribed by the Government for its vehicle for use by Government officers on a
  monthly basis. The Kulpati shall also be eligible to use the University vehicle for private purposes and for such journeys
  he will be liable to pay such charges as are prescribed by Government for private use of Government vehicle by officers
  on the basis of kilometers involved in private use.

  3.   The Kulpati shall be eligible to opt for the pension/provident fund-pension-gratuity scheme of the University if he
  has not attained the normal age of superannuation prior to commencement of his tenure and provided he has been
  eligible for pension as an employee of a Central/State Government for a Central/State autonomous body for a Central/
  State University before joining as Kulpati. If he opts to join GPF-cum-Pension-cum-Gratuity Scheme of the University
  the Kulpati shall be entitled to the benefit of combining his past services with the service of Kulpati upto the normal age
  of superannuation for the purpose of pension. For this purpose the University will receive pension/contributory
   provident fund liability from the previous organisations. The period of service rendered by him in the university beyond
   the normal age of superannuation shall not qualify for the purpose of pensionary benefits. The pension-cum-gratuity
   benefits shall be payable only from the date of his relinquishing the charge of Kulpati. If the Kulpati assumes during
   the tenure he shall be entitled to join contributory provident fund; Gratuity scheme from the date of his joining the post
   is already superannuated or the date of his superannuation during the tenure as applicable.

  4.  The Kulpati shall be entitled to leave on full pay 30 days in a calendar year. The leave shall be credited by his
   account in advance in two half yearly instalments of 15 days each on the first day of January and first day of July
   every year.
                     Provided that if the Kulpati assumes/relinquishes charge of the office of Kulpati during the currency of
  a half year, the leave shall be credited proportionately at the rate of 2 days for the leave at the credit of the Kulpati
  at the close of the previous half year shall be carried forward to the new half year, subject to the condition that the leave
  so carried forward plus the credit for that half year does not exceed the maximum limit of 240 days.

  5. The Kulpati on relinquishing the charge of his office shall be entitled to receive a sum equivalent to the leave salary
  admissible at the time of his relinquishment of charge subject to a maximum of 240 days including encashment benefit
  availed of elsewhere.

  6. The Kulpati shall also be entitled to half pay leave at the rate of 20 days for each completed year of service. This
  half pay leave may only be availed of as commuted leave on full pay on medical certificate. When commuted leave is
  availed, twice the amount of half pay leave shall be debited against half pay leave due. The Kulpati shall also be entitled
   to avail himself extra ordinary leave without pay for a maximum period of three months during full term of four years
   on medical ground or otherwise.

                                The provision regarding deduction of pension/pension equivalent from the pay of Kulpati shall not
  apply to incumbent Kulpati unless specific provision to this effect already exists in the Statutes/Ordinances of the
  concerned University. The provision regarding deduction of pension will apply to new appointment made here after.

               The Kulpati shall be entitled to all other benefits such as Medical Allowance and Leave Travel Concession as
  admissible to other University employees.

               The Kulpati shall be entitled to traveling allowance on Transfer on his appointment as Kulpati and after
   relinquishment of his charge.
             (Approved by coordination committee dated 5/6 Nov. 1992)