( Refer Section 35 (O) )

  1. It shall be the duty of the Registrar to prepare and maintain in respect of Principals, Professors, College Professors,
      Readers, Readers in Colleges, Assistant Professors and Lecturers complete and up-to-date seniority lists in
      accordance with procedure laid down in the clauses hereinafter appearing.

  2. All Principals / Professors / Readers / College Professors / Readers in Colleges / Assistant Professors / Lecturers,
      shall apply for inclusion of theirs names in the cadre concerned in the prescribed form given in the Appendix through
      the principals of the College / Head of Teaching Department by 15th October each year at the latest Persons whose
      applications, complete in every respect and supported by the necessary evidence, are not received by the Prescribed
      date, shall not be considered for inclusion in the list, Provided that the teachers who had applied once need not apply
      again till their respective cadre is changed or altered by transfer or Promotion. The Principal / Head of Teaching
      Department shall communicate to the Registrar the names of teachers who leave the institution.

  3. The Registrar shall prepare separate lists showing the seniority inter-se of Principals, Professors, College, Readers,
      Readers in Colleges, Assistant Professors and Lecturers respectively and publish the said lists for objection.

  4. The Publication of the lists for objection shall be made on or before the 15th November succeeding and publication
      shall be caused by forwarding two copies of the lists to each College / Teaching Department for displaying one copy
      on the staff notice board of the College / Teaching Department and the other for making it available for reference to
      the members of the teaching staff.

  5.     (a) Any Principal / Professor / College Professor / Reader / Reader in College / Assistant Professor, Lecturer who
               feels aggrieved by any entry or omission made in the said lists may, within twenty days from the date of the
               Publication of the lists on the staff notice board of the College / Teaching Department. File an objection stating
               his reasons and with evidence in support of his contention addressed to the Registrar. If the objector desires
               to be heared in person, he shall specifically state the same.          
          (b) The Kulpati shall before the 30th November appoint a Committee consisting of a member of the Executive
               Council and two Principals / Professors other than those who are members of the Executive council for dealing
                with objections that may be filed to the seniority lists. The Kulpati shall nominate one of them to be the convenor
                of the Committee.
         (c) The Committee appointed by the Kulpati shall meet at such time and on such dates as the Convenor of the
               Committee may fix.
          (d) The Committee may, where necessary, call for the parties concerned, or inspect any document, file, register
               or record in the possession of the University or any College maintained by or affiliated to the university.
         (e) The Committee shall provide reasonable opportunity to hear the objector if the objector desires to be heared
                in person.
         (f) The Committee shall report in decisions as also the reasons therefor.
          (g) All decisions of the Committee shall be taken by majority and communicated to the Registrar not later than 24th

  6.    (a) The seniority list, as finalised by the Committee, shall be published by the Registrar not later than 31st December
               each year by forwarding two copies to each College / Teaching Department for displaying one copy on the staff
               notice - board of the college concerned and the other copy for making it available for reference to the members
              of the staff of the college.
         (b) The objector may, on request, obtain a copy of the decision of the Committee from the Registrar on payment of
               Rs. 3.00.

  7.    The list so published finally, shall remain in force from 1st January to 31st December of the Calender year following
         the Publication of the list.

  8.    A copy of the finalised list may be supplied to a person on payment of Rs.5.00 only.



Application for inclusion in the list of   -------------------------------------------   --------------------------------------
( Designation e.g. Professor , Assistant Professor etc.)
      The Registrar, …………………………………..University
       I request that my name be included in the seniority list of ….………………Particulars of my service are as
1.     Name
2.     Date of birth
3.     Subject Teaching
4.     Post held at Present
5.     Date from which present post is held
6.     Scale of pay in the present post
7.     Academic Qualifications
8.     Teaching experience ...............Years ……….Months
                  Degree Classes
                  Postgraduate Classes
9.     Teaching posts held (chronologically) prior to appointment to the present post.

Designation of post Name of Institution in which post was held Period Form...............To............Scale of Pay

  N.B. :- (1) A teacher in service under the Madhya pradesh Government need not give the name of various Colleges to
                    which he was posted in any particular capacity.
            (2) Change in the cadre e.g. Lecturer, Asstt. Professor, Professor together with the date of appointment in each
                   case and the Pay scale should be clearly stated. I declare that the particulars given are correct.
10. Certified.

          Principal / Head of the Department                                                 Signature of Applicant
                                                                                                                  Full Name……………...
          Place…………                                                                               Designation…………..
          Date………….                                                                               College/ Teaching Department.