(Refer Section 18(and 18-A))

  N.B:     (18-A) Section 18 ceases to apply on inclusion in state University service of certain other officers.

  1. In addition to the officers mentioned in clauses (i) to (v) of section 11 of the Adhiniyam, the following shall be the
      officers of the University:
    (i)   Deputy Registrar
    (ii)   Finance officer
    (iii)  University Librarian
    (iv)  Director of Physical Education
    (v)   University Engineer
    (vi)  Controller, University Press
    (vii)  Deputy Controller, University press
    (viii)  Assistant Registrar

                                 Provided that if a joint Registrar has been appointed in the University prior to the date on which the
  Adhiniyam came into force, he shall continue as an officer of the University subject to the terms and conditions of his
  appointment as joint Registrar.

  2.     The University may have one or more posts of Deputy Registrar as the need be. The controller of Examinations
          and Development officer, if appointed prior to the coming into force of this statute, shall continue to hold office
          subject to the terms and conditions of appointment and be redesignated as Deputy Registrars.

  3. The scales of pay for the posts mentioned in paragraph (i) above shall be as under :
(i)   Deputy Registrar      (Rs.12000-375-16800)
(ii)   Finance Officer       
(iii)  University Librarian         ( Rs. 4500-150-5700-200-7300 )

                            Provided that the UGC pay scale will be admissible only to the person who fulfills the qualifications of
   University Librarian as prescribed by the UGC and has been selected through the properly constituted selection
   committee. The coordination committee further made it clear that this sanction is neither meant for fixation of the pay
   scale of post nor it is a New pay scale of the University librarian.
(iv) Controller University press               (Rs.1370-40-1450-50-1700 E.B. 50-1800-60-2100 )
(v) University Engineer
(vi) Director, Physical Education  (Rs.4500-150-5700-200-7300 )
             If he is head of the Teaching department of Physical Education otherwise Rs. 1370-40-1450-50-1700 - E.B.
(vii) Assistant Registrar (Rs.10000-325-15200).
(viii) Deputy controller University Press (Rs.1370-40-1450-50-1700- E.B. 50- 1800-60-2100).

                 Provided that where an officer serving under the central Government or a state Government is on Deputation to
   the University and is appointed finance officer or University Engineer, his emoluments and terms and conditions of
   service shall be as laid down by the Government concerned while placing the service of the officer at the disposal of
   the University.

                  Provided further that where a retired Government servant is appointed to any of the posts mentioned above
   he shall draw salary equal to the last pay drawn in Government service minus the pension and pension equivalent of
   gratuity admissible to him and where this amount is less than the minimum of the scale of pay of the post he shall draw
   as his salary the minimum of pay of the post concerned irrespective of the pension and pension equivalent of gratuity
   admissible to him.

  4. The Executive Council shall prescribe the qualifications which a candidate should possess for being eligible to hold
      any of offices mentioned in paragraph (1) of this statute. The prescribed qualifications shall be given due publicity
      and the selection committee shall select the candidates for such offices with due regard to the qualification prescribed.

  5. The Executive Council shall appoint a selection committee consisting of the Kulpati who shall be the chairman of the
      selection committee. One nominee of the Executive Council from amongst its members and one nominee of the
      Kuladhipati not concerned with the University to recommend the names of candidates for appointment to the officers
      mentioned in paragraph (1). The Registrar shall be the secretary of the selection committee. The committee so
      constituted shall recommend not more than three and not less than two names for each post in order of merit and the
      Executive Council shall make appointment from the panel;

                Provided that in case of appointment to any post other than that of Deputy Registrar and Assistant Registrar,
   the selection committee shall have, in addition to the members mentioned above, two members appointed by the
   Executive Council and not connected with the University who have special knowledge of Finance, Library Science,
   Physical Education, Engineering or Printing Technology as the case may be.

  6. The officers mentioned in this statute shall be entitled to leave, leave salary, allowances, medical benefit, Provident
      fund and other benefits and their other items and conditions of service including the age of retirement shall be such as
      may be prescribed by the University for the employees of the University.

                Provided that where an officer is a serving or retired employee of the central Government or any state
  Government, he shall not be entitled to the benefit of contributory provident fund.

  7. The powers and duties of each officer except the Finance officer mentioned in the statute shall be such as the
      Executive Council may determine. N.B.: The recruitment and conditions of service of persons included or appointed
      to the state University service will be regulated by state University service rules, 1984, made under section 15-C of
      M.P.V.V. Adhiniyam, 1973.

  N.B:-  The reciuitment and conditions of service of persons included or appointed to the state University service will
              be regulated by state University service rules, 1984, made under section 15-C of M.P.V.V.Adhiniyam, 1973.