(Refer section 18)

  1.     Subject to the control of Kulpati it shall be the duty of the finance officer-
          (a) to hold and manage the property and investments of the University including trusts and endowed property,
          (b) to ensure that the limits fixed by the Executive Council for recurring and non-recurring expenditure for a year
               are not exceeded and that all moneys are expended for the purpose for which they are granted or allotted.
          (c) to keep a constant watch on the state of cash and bank balances and on the state of investments.

  2.     Subject to the control of the Registrar, the Finance officer shall :
         (a) collect the income, disburse the payments and maintain the accounts of the University,
         (b) be responsible for the preparation of annual accounts and the budget of the University for the next financial year,
         (c) have the accounts of the University regularly audited,
         (d) ensure that the register of building, land, furniture and equipment are maintained upto-date and that the stock-
             checking is conducted of equipment and other consumable materials in all offices and institutions maintained by
             the University,
        (e) suggest appropriate action against persons responsible for unauthorised expenditure and for other financial

  3.    The finance officer may call from any office or institution of the University any information or returns that he may
         consider necessary for the performance of his duties.