(1)  There shall be Building Committee consisting the following :-
           (1) The Kulpati - Ex officio-Chairman.
           (2) The Chief Engineer-P.W.D. (B&R) M.P. or his nominee not below the rank of Supdt. Engineering.
           (3) One nominee Municipal Corporation or Municipality at the H.Q. of the University.
           (4) Two members nominated by the Executive Council not necessarily from amongst themselves.
           (5) The Registrar.
           (6) The University Engineer - Member Secretary.

  (2)  Four members of the Building Committee shall from a quorum and members other than ex-officio members shall
         hold office for two years.

  (3)   (a) The Building-Committee shall advice the Executive Council on all matters relating to the construction of
               buildings or repairs, alterations or additions to existing buildings which it may think necessary or urgent.
         (b) Select and recommend site for acquisition by the Executive Council.
         (c) Accord technical sanctions to the detailed plans and estimates.
         (d) Select and recommend acceptance of tenders.
         (e) Sanction expenditure incidental to the execution of each work subject to the allotment made for it by the
              Executive Council.
         (f) Make recommendations to the Executive Council about the order in which work should be carried out.
         (g) Recommend to the Executive Council creation of posts of the engineering staff subject to the availability
              of funds in the budget.
         (h) The Building Committee may appoint Sub-Committees for carrying out its directions.

  Note :-     The following provisions be read with para 1(1) to (b) of the stativte

   * Approved by coord no.57 dated 19.3.98..This amendaman was prop.0500 by R.D. Viswavidyalaya Jabalpur as
      per U.G.C     Now de the
   ** Approved by coord no.F-7-4/96 CPP(II) dated OCT.1997