1.  For the purposes of promoting sports and physical welfare of the students there shall be a sports Committee which
       shall consist of :-
         (1) The Kulpati Ex-Officio Chairman.
          (2) Two Principals of Colleges and not more than three Professor of University Schools of Studies or Teaching
               Department nominated by the Kulpati.
          (3) Three teachers of the affiliated college one of whom shall be a lady teacher and one teacher of the School of
                studies               or Teaching Department nominated by the Kulpati.
          (4) Two persons of whom at least one shall be a non-teacher appointed by the Executive Council.
          (5) Not more than two persons possessing Expert knowledge or experience of a branch or branches of sports to be
               co-opted by the sports Committee.
          (6) Two Physical Training Instructors of Colleges or Schools of studies or Teaching Departments nominated by Kulpati.
          (7) Registrar.
          (8) Two captains of University team in the preceding year nominated by the Kulpati.
           (9) Director of Physical Education-Ex-Officio member Secretary.

2.  The term of all members except ex-officio members and members under item no.8 of para 1 above shall be three years. The
      term of members under item 8 shall be one year. Five members shall form a quorum. Ordinarily, no member shall be    
      eligible for nomination for the second consecutive term.

3.  The sports committee shall meet at ordinarily twice every year. The date for the meeting shall be fixed by the Secretary with
     the approval of the Kulpati.      

4. In the absence of the Kulpati members present shall elect Chairman who shall preside at the meeting.
               1. Subject to the control of the Executive Council the Sports Committee shall organize control, manage and supervise
                   either by itself or through various sub-committees, Inter-Collegiate Sports & Tournament an to foster, undertake
                   Inter-University competition.
               2. The sports committee shall subject to the approval of Executive Council frame and adopt all rules to be followed
                    by all the constituent and affiliated colleges and schools of studies and teaching department of the university.
               3. It shall decide whether the University shall participate in the Inter University competitions and prepare the budget
                    for the expenses.
               4. It shall recommend to the Executive Council whether the University shall participate in Inter-University
                    Competition and shall prepare Budget for the expenses involved in such participation.
                     The committee shall have the following powers -
                           (1) To appoint Organising Committees to conduct and arrange Inter-University competition wheneve
                                 r required.
                           (2) To issue certificates of proficiency in games to the players.
                           (3) To conduct Inter-Collegiate Sports and Tournaments.
                           (4) To appoint Selection Committees to choose University Teams for Inter-University Tournaments.
                           (5) To prepare budget for approval of the Executive Council.
                           (6) To appoint Managers, Coaches and Captains for team participating in Inter-University Tournaments.
                           (7) To propose disciplinary action against the players and college teams for violation of the Sports Rules,
                                 Regulation and for misconduct either on the playground or outside.
                           (8) To prepare Annual Report of the sports activities.
                           (9) To frame, modify or amend rules for the efficient control and carrying out of the activities of sports.
                           (10) To award Crest and Certificates or both to the players and competitors participating in Inter-University
                                  or Inter-Collegiate Tournaments.
                            (11) To organise Physical Training in the College and Schools of studies or Teaching Dept. of the University.
                            (12) To advice the Executive Council on all the matters connected to sports and games in the colleges,
                                     Schools of Studies and Teaching Dept.
                             (13) To take such steps as may be necessary in due discharge of their responsibilities and to perform such
                                     functions as may be assigned by the Executive Council.