[Refer Section 35 (f)]

  (1) A convocation for the purpose of conferring post graduate degrees and making awards shall ordinarily be held every
        year in the month of December at the head Quarters of the University and shall be called Annual Convocation. A
        special Convocation may also be held at such time as may be found necessary or convenient. The actual date of the
        Convocation in each case shall be fixed by the Kulpati with the approval of the Kuladhipati.

  (2) Ordinarily not less than four weeks notice shall be given by the Registrar for holding a Convocation. This period
        may however, be reduced to ten days in the case of special convocation or in any other case where such a course
         is considered expedient by the Kulpati.

  (3) The candidate desiring to receive Degree in person must apply to the Registrar 15 clear days before the day fixed
        for the convocation in the prescribed form together with a fee of Rs. 100/- intimating their intention to be present
        at the Convocation. Provided that the Kulpati may in special cases permit the receipt of late applications upto
        seven days before the date of convocation if such applications are accompanied by a later fee of Rs. 50/-.

  (4) Such candidates as are unable to present themselves in person at the convocation may apply for receiving their
       Degrees in absentia in the prescribed form one month after the date of convocation alongwith a fee of Rs.20/- and
       postal charges.

  (5) Every degree shall bear the signature of the Kulpati. The date on the degrees, whether to be awarded at the
        convocation or otherwise, will be the same as the date of the University convocation.

  (6) The Kuladhipati, Kulpathi, Deans of Faculties, Members of the Executive Council, Academic Council, court and
        the Registrar shall wear the academic costumes of the University of which they are Graduates or the Gowns or any
        other costumes prescribed by the Executive council.

  (7) Candidates at the convocation shall put on the Academic Robe prescribed by the Executive Council and no
        candidate shall be admitted to the convocation without the Academic Robe prescribed by the University.

  (8) Degrees will be distributed to the candidates attending the Convocation at the place, time and day specified by
        notification before or after the convocation as decided by the University.

  (9) The Kuladhipati, the Kulpati the Deans of the Faculties, Members of the Court, Executive Council and Academic
        Council and the Registrar shall assemble at the place notified at the appointed hour and shall walk in procession in
        the following order to the convocation ground -
           1. The Registrar,
           2. Members of the Academic Council,
           3. Members of the Court,
           4. Members of the Executive Council,
           5. Deans of Faculties.
           6. The Kulpati,
           7. The Chief Guest if any.
           8. Th Kuladhipati,

  (10) The Kuladhipati, the Chief Guest, the Kulpati, the Chief Minister, the Education Minister, Deans of the Faculties,
          members of the Executive Council, the Registrar and such other persons named by the Executive Council shall
          take their seats on the dias and the members of the Court and the Academic council on both sides of the dias in
          places reserved for them.

  (11) The candidates present at the Convocation shall take their seats at the places reserved for them before the
          procession enters in the Convocation Pandal. As the procession enters the Convocation Pandal, all those present
          shall rise and remain standing until the members of the procession have taken their respective seats.

  (12) The Registrar shall declare the Convocation open with the permission of the Kuladhipati or in his absence with the
          permission of the Kulpati. On a request from the Kulpati, the Kuladhipati and in the absence of Kuladhipati the
          Kulpati will permit the candidates be presented. The following shall be the order of the presentation -
              1. Honorary Degrees, if any.
               2. D. Litt.
               3. D.Sc.
               4. Ph.D.
               5. LL.D.
               6. All post graduate.

  Degrees in the following Faculties :-
              1. Faculty of Arts.
               2. Faculty of Social science.
               3. Faculty of Science.
               4. Faculty of Life Science.
               5. Faculty of Engineering.
               6. Faculty of law.
               7. Faculty of Commerce.
               8. Faculty of Education.
               9. Faculty of Physical Education.
             10. Faculty of Home Science.
             11. Faculty of Technology.
             12. Faculty of Ayurved.
             13. Faculty of Medicine.
           *14. Faculty of Prachya Sanskrit.
             15. Faculty of Prabardh Sankaya.

  (13) The Deans of their Respective Faculties shall present all the candidates for various degrees under the Faculty and
          the Kulpati shall admit the candidates present also in absentia to the Degrees concerned. The citation for the
          Deans of the Faculty and the Kulpati shall be as prescribed by the Executive Council. Recipients of the Degrees
          shall remain standing while the Dean and the Kulpati admits the candidates to the Degree.

  (14)  In the case of conferment of Honorary Degrees the citation admitting the recipient to the Degree may be modified
          by the Kuladhipati in a suitable manner. After the degrees have been conferred, the Registrar shall declare the
          number of the Degrees / Diplomas that have been conferred on Regular and Private candidates present at the
          convocation and also in absentia.

  (15) The Kuladhipati or in his absence the Kulpati shall then present the medals and prizes to the recipients of the
          Medals /Prizes who shall be called individually by the Registrar and shall stand before the Kuladhipati or the
          Kulpati as the case may be. The names of the recipients shall be read out by the Registrar.

  (16) The Kuladhipati or in his absence the Kulpati shall then request the Chief Guest to address the Convocation.

  (17) The Convocation address will thereafter be delivered. The Registrar with the permission of the Kuladhipati and in
          his absence with the permission of the Kulpati will then declare the convocation closed, and the procession will
          leave the convocation hall. All shall remain standing till the procession moves out of the Hall / Arena.

  (18) Notwithstanding anything contained in the Statute Kuladhipati may suspend holding of the Annual Convocation
         or Convocations. In such case the Degrees will be sent to the candidates duly signed by the Kulpati at their
         addresses. The Registrar shall notify the suspension of the Convocation and invite applications from the candidates
         who desire to take the degree and shall fix the last date for receipt of such applications. The Degrees will be sent
         to those candidates who have applied for obtaining the degrees on payment of a fee of Rs. 150/- plus postal
         charges. The candidates who do not apply within due date for obtaining degrees shall be given degree as in the
         case of those absentia shall be charged. The dates on such degrees shall be the date fixed by the Kulpati on the
         recommendation of the standing committee of the Academic council.

       * Approved by coord no. 26 dated 25.5.85