1. The Dean of Students Welfare shall be appointed for a term of three years and shall be eligible for reappointment.

             Provided that he shall, notwithstanding the fact that his term of three years has not expired, cease to hold office
  on completing the age of sixty years.

             Provided further that notwithstanding the fact that his term of three years has not expired the Executive Council
  may, on a report from the Kulpati terminate the appointment of Dean of Students' Welfare if he is satisfied that further
  continuance of the Dean Students' Welfare will be detrimental to the cause for which he has been appointed or to the
  interests of the University.

  2. Where the Dean of students' welfare is a full-time salaried officer, he shall :
      (a) possess atleast a Master's degree in the second division in some subject, about five years experience of teaching
           post graduate classes, or ten years of experience of teaching degree classes, experience of guiding extra-curricular
           activities and understanding of student's problems.
     (b) Draw salary in the pay scale of Rs. 3700-5700.*

  3. The Dean of Students' Welfare, if appointed on full time basis from amongst the teachers of the University shall
      continue to hold his lien on his substantive post and shall be eligible to all the benefits that would have other-wise
      accrued to him but for his appointment as The Dean of Students' Welfare.

  4. The  Dean of Students' Welfare shall be entitled to leave, leave salary, allowances, provident fund, medical and
      other benefits as may be prescribed by the University for the employees of the University.

      * Approved by Coordination Committee no. 26 dated 25.5.85

  5. Notwithstanding the provisions of the Statute, a full time salaried Dean of Students' Welfare appointed before the
      date of coming into force of this statute shall continue to hold office subject to the terms and conditions of his
      appointment. Provided that such Dean shall not be continued in service after he has completed the age of sixty years.

  6.   (i) The Dean of Students' Welfare shall be the Adviser cum Treasurer of the University Students' Union and the
             Head of the Information Bureau and the Employment Bureau in the University.
        (ii) The Dean of Students' Welfare shall, if the Executive Council, the Academic Council or the Court so desires,
             be present at any meeting of the authority concerned when matters relating to Students' Welfare come up for
             consideration therein.       
        (iii) Subject to the control of the Kulpati, the Dean of Student's Welfare shall -
            (a) make arrangements to ensure suitable housing facilities for students;
             (b) arrange for employment of students in accordance with plans approved by the Kulpati;
             (c) communicate with the guardians of the students concerning the welfare of students;
             (d) obtain travel facilities of students;
             (e) assist the students in obtaining scholarships, studentships etc., by giving them information relating thereto;
             (f) perform such other duties as may be assigned to him from time to time by the Registrar with the approval
                 of the Kulpati.