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Our Mission
  • To achieve excellence in teaching and research.
  • To preserve and generate knowledge.
  • To cultivate resolute moral values To develop and enhance human resources.
  • To improve the quality of life and contribute to sustainable development of the region and the nation in harmony with our culture, heritage and environment
Our Vision
To be the premier institution that offers teaching and learning programmes of the best quality, graduate students who excel and become leaders in the chosen profession contributing to the community, the nation and the world, and prepares individuals of the highest moral fibre.
The university, under the dynamic leadership of our honourable Vice-chancellor is working on quite a few ambitious plans. The idea is to develop the university as a knowledge city. Proposals for establishment of Academic Staff College, Science Park, Regional Office of ICSSR, AVRC, Women Studies Research Centre, Fossil Park, Language Lab, Centre for Space Physics, Institute of Bio technology, Institute of Life Sciences and Bio Divesity and Ambedkar Studies have been prepared and sent to suitable agencies for funding and co operation.