Department of Ancient Indian History

The Department

Though Madhya Pradesh is richest in the archaeological remains and cultural heritage, teaching of the ancient history and archaeology was most neglected in the universities of the state. Looking into this discrepancy our department – the department of Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology was established in the year 1984. The goals and objectives of the department art to provide the basic background of higher learning and research in the region, highlighting the grandeur, heritage and culture of the area in chronological order and develop the job potential for the region


The department since its inception has made significant contributions in the areas of research and teaching and catered to the needs and aspirations of the people. With the best efforts put in by the faculty members and students of the department, the hidden cultural heritage of the region, so dear to the nation, is being brought before the scholarly world. Extensive explorations of ours have brought to light remains of the prehistoric and historic period. A host of sites of architectural and sculptural importance, rock-shelters and paintings, megalithic burials etc. have been discovered in the recent past. The most significant achievement, however, lies in the exploration of architectural and sculptural remains of Buddhist stupas, temples and Saivite monastery (BCE 300-CE 1700). With the active participation of local enthusiast, we have been able to locate the first ever known Sun temple of the region at Boudha Danda (CE 700-800) and a brick temple at Madfe Danda in Sidhi. Another important discovery, the Saivite monastic complex of Chunari (CE 1000-1200) in Rewa is the only surviving monastery of the Kalachuris after Chandrehe in Sidhi. Besides, our explorations have yielded nearly thirty new sites of architectural and sculptural importance. This study dates back the antiquity of architectonic activities of the region to CE 600-700. The visiting teams of UGC and NAAC have appreciated the good work done by the department and recommended its future expansion.