Department of Mathematical Science

The department came into existence in September 1984 with its initial name “Department of Mathematics & Statistics”. However, from April 1999; its name has been changed to be known now onwards as the “Department of Mathematical Sciences”.

The department received international recognition in the year 1987 when it was selected under Federation Scheme of the “International Center for Theoretical Physics, Trieste (Italy)” . Since then the federation was renewed annually till 1992. It provided rare opportunity to the faculty members and students of the department to visit the I.C.T.P. for the improvement of their knowledge with the financial support offered by the center. The Department has made notable research contributions in the areas of Special Functions, General Relativity, Cosmology, Differential Geometry and Riemannian Geometry.

Visits/engagements of Faculty Members in India/ Abroad.

Dr.C.K. Sharma
ICTP, Trieste (Italy) Nov. 1986.
Baghdad University, Baghdad. Sept. 1987-Jun. 1988.
PINY, Newyork (USA) 1976-77.
Dr. R.N.Singh
ICTP, Trieste (Italy) 1992