About Department of Sports

Department Of Physical Education And Sports Science:

ESTABLISHMENT:1968 (Sports) 1988 (Teaching)

Sports and Physical Education play an important role in human resource development. Games and other outdoor activities properly planned and executed promote social harmony, discipline and increased productivity. These activities develop in student’s right attitude and values and help them grow into balanced integrated and healthy citizens.

The UNESCO Charter on Physical Education and Sports (1978) has aptly prescribed in its first Article that participation in Physical Activities and sports is fundamental rights of every citizen.

The National sports Policy (1984) and the new education Policy (1986) also emphasize the need for integration of sports and physical education in the academic programs. To fulfill the above need, the department of physical Education organizes games and sports for the student of teaching department, assists in the formation and coaching of different competitions and also runs Bachelor (3 years and 1 years), Master Degree Courses in Physical Education, M.Phil in Physical Education and Ph.d in physical education.

Universities have full-fledged, teaching Department of Physical Education & Sports Science recognized by National Council of Teacher Education. (WRC Bhopal)

Working And Achievements Of The Department:

More the one hundred fifty colleges situated in the district of Rewa, Sidhi, Shahdol, Umariya, Satna, Singrauli and Anuppur are affiliated to this University. All colleges fall under the jurisdiction of the department of Physical Education, as for as the selection, coaching and Inter-University participation of different teams of this University is concerned. This University takes part in Inter- University competition in all most all major and common games and sports.