Deans and Directors


  • Prof. Atul Pandey,  Faculty of  Management, , 05/01/22 to 04/01/2024   
  • Prof.(Smt.) Subha Tiwari, Faculty of Arts, 06/04/2021 to 05/04/2023
  • Prof. Suneel Tiwari, Faculty of Non Formal Education
  • Dr. Amit Tiwari, Faculty of Life Science
  • Prof.R. N. Patel, Faculty of Science, 05/01/22 to 04/01/2024 
  • Dr. Rameswar Prasad Gupta, Faculty of Commerce, 10/03/23 to 09/3/25



  • Prof. N. P. Pathak, Director, Self Supporting Courses
  • Prof. Mahesh Shrivastav, Director, Distance Education
  • Prof. R. N. Singh, Director, Research Directorate
  • Dr. P. K. Rai, Deputy Director, Research Directorate