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Information Bulletin 2022-23

Department of J.N. Centre for Policy Research


Since the A. P. S. University had no teaching department in such important social science disciplines as Economics, Political Science and Sociology and the facilities for research in the affiliated colleges, where these subjects are taught up to the Post-graduate level, were inadequate and unsatisfactory, there had been a demand for a long time for the establishment of a research centre in social sciences in the University. The Faculty of Social Sciences of the University, therefore, under the chairmanship of the then Dean Prof. Lal Amarendra Singh, passed a resolution on 28th April, 1987, recommending to the University the establishment of a Regional Centre for Policy Research. This was endorsed by the Academic Council of the University in its meeting on 10th May, 1987. A detailed proposal for such a Centre was then submitted to the then Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof. Hira Lal Nigam, who strongly recommended it to the state Government of 100% grant. While forwarding it to the State Government, Prof. Nigam, keeping in view the Nehru Centenary Year, which was to commence soon, most appropriately termed it as the ‘Proposal for Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Policy Research’ so that the Centre could also be a means of commemorating the ideas of the great leader by furthering the cause of scientific thinking in social affairs, so dear to the heart of the late Pandit Nehru. The Government of Madhya Pradesh accepted the proposal in full and relaased Rupees six lakhs for the purpose for 1988-89. On request of the Vice-Chancellor, Dr, M. L, Shahare (who had succeeded Prof. Nigam), Dr. K. P. Singh, Professor of Political Science, Govt. T.R.S. College, Rewa, was sent on deputation by the State Govt. He joined as the first Director of the Centre on 2nd July, 1988 and the Centre started functioning.

Objectives of the centre :

The main objectives of the Centre shall be :-

  • To promote and conduct research in matters pertaining to:
    1. Public Policy relating to the nation, particularly to Madhya Pradesh, with a view to developing substantive policy options and through them, the improvement of policy making;
    2. The maximum augmentation and effective development of resources with a view to promote the development of the State.
  • To plan, promote and provide for education and training in policy planning and management areas and to undertake organize and facilitate conferences, seminars, study courses, lectures and similar activities for the purpose.
  • To provide advisory services under its auspices or through its faculty to public/private bodies or any other institutions.
  • To disseminate information on policy issues and know-how on policymaking and related areas by undertaking and providing for the publication of journals, reports, pamphlets and other literature and research papers and books.


Programme and Activities:

The programme and activities to achieve these objectives, as envisaged in the Proposal, are :

  • Institution of an inter-disciplinary M. Phil. Course in Policy Research;
  • Research for Ph. D. and higher level;
  • Award of fellowships to promote and encourage research;
  • To carry on surveys; and
  • To hold lectures, seminars, conferences etc.