Central Library

  • Follows Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme.
  • Around 75000 books.
  • 100 students can be accommodated at a time.
  • Total number of books, department wise is 2000.
  • Number of short research papers is 4507.
  • Number of Research papers, Thesis for Ph.D. at library is 2508.
  • Proposed expenditure on development of library in next five years is about 50,00,000/-


Which system of classification if followed Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme
What are the working hours :
* borrowing books
* for consultation of reference books, periodicals/journals
* for general

11 to 5 PM
11 to 5 PM
11 to 5 PM
Make a random survey of the number of students and faculty using the library during certain hours  (e.g. 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm) 50% of students and teachers use library during 2 to 4 PM
It the seating space adequate for students and  faculty Yes
At a time how many students can be  accommodated 50
How many cubicles are available for the faculty and research scholars 12
What is the procedure for :
* replacement of books 
* writing off books
* Physical versification
* withdrawal of books which are outdated
* insurance of the library
* ordering of books/journals/periodicals
* allocation of funds
through management committee
as per University rules 
some time in a year 
through management committee 

No insurance through management committee 
as per UGC and University Policies
Give the month wise break-up of acquisition of books. 20 books per month
Indicate the composition and functions of the  library advisory committee, if any Vice-Chancellor is the Chairman & the following are the members :
1. Registrar
2. Two Senior Professor
3. Finance Officer
4. Librarian is the member/Secretary 
It is advisory as well as recommending body
List the back volmes of journals and periodicals. That is the source of finding. NA
How many departments have libraries of their own all the regular and self-financing departments have their own library
How are they funded by UGC and University
How are they staffed self management
What are the department wise holding about 2000 books
What is the per student expenditure on :
* Library books
* Journals
* Periodicals
29 rupees per student
How many books/journals/periodical have been added during the last three years? Give the total cost purchased by the departments
What is the proposed expenditure to be incurred during the coming five years on books/journals  /periodicals/expansion of library and its faculties Rs. 50,00,000/-
What steps are being taken to find the resources steps are being decided by the University
Is there any provision to allow students to keep library books till they finish the examination No
Does the library provide inter-library borrowing Yes
Is open access system available Yes
Is the library information on the computer It is is process
What are the procedures adopted for lending and restrictions on lending (a) books (b) reference books, (c) periodicals (d) audio cassettes, and (e) video cassettes to 
* Students 
* Faculty 
* Administrative Staff
as per library rules
Is there a book bank? Is yes, how many students benefit from it No
To what extent or what percentage of student/ faculty/staff make use of books/journals/ periodicals and the library services available in the library
* microfilm micro card
* computer facilities
* cassettes audio/video
* photocopying facilities
* fax, e-mail
as per the demands of students and faculty members computer and Photocopy facilities are